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Eowyn's Heart

The name of this blog is based on the character Eowyn from Lord of the Rings because I strongly identify with her on many levels. The purpose of this blog is to proclaim the glory of my Lord and King through His work in conforming me into the image of His Son, Christ Jesus. In all things, I trust you will see His hand at work.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Busy Couple of Weeks!

Well, things have been rolling along - sometimes at a rather alarming pace! Work has me stretched a little too think for my liking. I can get it all done - I just can't get it all done well. Quality in my work is very important to me, so this causes me some distress. I know I'm going to need to talk to the boss about it yet - but we've both been so busy!

Outside of work I have been busy with church & social activities. Put the final touches on the Dinners For Eight event for our Sunday School class and managed some details for the Game Night I wasn't going to get to attend and for the trip to the Renaissance Faire I had planned for the weekend.

Friday night found me at the movies - I took myself to The Island. It didn't get great reviews by the critics, so I figured it was probably a decent movie ;-) I did enjoy it. Nothing real deep or intriguing - lots of action and a simple but (in my scifi oriented mind) fairly believable plot. It was just what I needed after a really long week!

I got to the theater too early to go in, but not early enough to eat dinner anywhere, so I browsed a local bookstore and picked up another one of Dean Koontz' books, "The Taking." That little activity took up just the right amount of time so I headed for the theater, bought my ticket, then bought a personal pizza, large popcorn (WAY too much popcorn!), diet soda (I know: too little, too late), and some peanut M&M's for dessert. I ended up tossing almost all the popcorn - I think I would've had leftovers if I'd only purchased a small :-P This is what happen when women don't have the masculine voice of reason to guide them through emotion-based decisions! :-)

Saturday was bill paying, shopping for the potluck event I was attending, and then fixing the side-dish I was to take to that event. I knew the host of the party was providing an Armenian main dish, so I wanted to do an Armenian side-dish. I found the simplest recipe I could find - one that had ingredients I recognized, even if I'd never worked with them before. Settled on Eggplant Casserole. I've never made anything Armenian and I've never cooked with Eggplant. Really interesting stuff :-P Anyway, I quadrupled the amount of garlic the recipe called for (it really looked like way too little for the amount of food in the pot), guessed on a couple of other ingredients - and actually ended up with a fairly pleasant dish to take. I think it still could have used more garlic but no one complained :-)

Sunday, I got up early to head to the Renaissance Faire. I was to meet my friend (Mary) at her house at 9:00. . . . Well, . . . after nearly reaching the US/Mexico border - yes, I could see it from the "Last US Exit" (which I took, panicking). No big deal for many people to get that close to Mexico . . . but I've never been to the border before and having gotten there meant that somehow, somewhere, I'd missed my exit!

The short end of the story is that I did find my friends house - about an hour and a half late - and I learned not to trust mapquest directions. The exit Mapquest told me to take off the freeway did not exist! :-P At least getting lost was not *entirely* my fault! :-)

The Faire was really great. I think I would have liked to see some of the shows - but it was really hot out and I was already pretty red (no, of course I didn't put any sunscreen on!). Mary and her mom were ready to go, so that really turned out to be the best way to go. The fact that my burn got worse the next couple of days really confirmed that :-P

Mary and I kicked back at her place for the afternoon and talked about Harry Potter :-) We're both really into the books (her a *little* more than me) so it was fun discussing possibilities for the next book and the whys and wherefores of the last 6, especially after the revelations in Book 6 :-) We (mostly Mary, but I did help a little) made dinner - shrimp pesto pasta!! and tomato slices and garlic bread :-) Yummmmmmm. (as the child inside me says "Mary makes me seafood for dinner - Mary is a gooooooood friend!!!) :-D

Got home 9:30ish - traffic on the way home was pretty icky. Read my new book for about 20 minutes then crashed for the night. This is really important. You see, I read just enough of the book to make me want to pick it up again Monday night - but not enough to realize how addictive it would be . . . . When 2:00 a.m. Tuesday rolled around, I put the book down out of sheer discipline - - I still wasn't sleepy and the book was really, really intriguing!! Up at 5 the next morning didn't work, so I reset the alarm for 6 . . . there went my work out . . . again. Tuesday night I came right home, quickly fixed dinner, then finished the darned book!!! Done by 8:50 p.m., I went right to bed to make up for the previous night :-) 5 a.m. didn't work again - reset to 6 . . . again . . . :-P

And here we are at today. I worked out in the warehouse all day to day. I had some new shelves brought in for my marketing materials and, having discovered a load of unused marketing stuffs (pens, posters, shirts, you name it!) in a back closet upstairs, I was determined to consolidate and organize. So that's what I did yesterday afternoon and today :-) Got done by 4:15 p.m. and it really feels good to know exactly what we have in our marketing inventory :-) I love organization . . . :-)

And now I think I'll go have a bowl of vanilla icecream with hot fudge topping and see what's on the boob-tube :-)


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