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Eowyn's Heart

The name of this blog is based on the character Eowyn from Lord of the Rings because I strongly identify with her on many levels. The purpose of this blog is to proclaim the glory of my Lord and King through His work in conforming me into the image of His Son, Christ Jesus. In all things, I trust you will see His hand at work.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Here's a cute joke a friend shared with me today :-)

An old farmer had a pond in the South Forty. He didn't go out there much cuz it was a long walk. But he had some peach trees near the pond and figured they would be ripe this time of the year, so he grabbed a 5 gallon bucket and headed for the pond one afternoon.

As he neared the water he could hear giggling and squealing and noticed a bunch of naked women frollicking in the pond. When he got closer they all headed to the deep end of the pond.

They yelled at him that they weren't coming out until he left.

He replied he wasn't there to watch them skinnydip or see them naked.

He was there to feed the alligator...............


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